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     Khmer Music for all who's visitor and injon it
         khmer Song and it 's popoller in Kmher any where
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Welcome to my Web site!




Cambodian living Web site is the place for all people around the world to visit or to visit every minute and every day for your opinion ,especially for Khmer overseas and Cambodian World.  The home page is a good spot to let visitors know the purpose of this Web site. The home page gives you an impression of Cambodia. Cambodia has many vegetations and animals.  Cambodians enjoy living with all sorts of varieties of foods in their daily diets.  There are strange and weird foods that are not found in some parts of the world.  There are various music, dance, and songs.  The Cambodian people like to play music of the Khmers.  They enjoy singing Khmer, dancing along.  Visitors will enjoy the Cambodian living through this website.  Come in everyday or every minute to see Cambodian living information, entertainment and more.

   Durian is aspaseal fruid for asian country    you can click here for more imformation



Wildlife in Cambodia Survived War But Still Under Threat

During recent years of peace, wildlife in Cambodia continues to face threats from poaching and trafficking. The Cambodian government and its non-governmental organization partners have tried to preserve vulnerable wildlife facing extinction. They some were rescued from poachers and kept in Phnom Tamao Zoo. Nick Marx, wildlife rescue director of Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia, met supporters and made a presentation Sept 24 to potential donors at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, in Washington DC.

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