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World War II - Victory in Europe. (12/13)

Who's Comments=Because over 500,000 French died in the war. They crippled the Luftwaffe by shooting down 900 planes. That is one reason why the Brits won the battle of Brittan. Also held of Germans at Dunkirk for 3 days allowing over 300,000 to escape to Britain. There military, the Free French Armies took part with the Allies in the invasion of Italy & France. Not to mention the French resistance made it possible for the allies to land in Normandy without German reserves being able to reach the coast for days =The part at Dunkirk is just not true, the retreat at Dunkirk was made possible by Hitler himself, he ordered the German armies not to attack so that he could negotiate with Britain about peace, not that it worked of course. The French people and soldiers did their part, only the generals were outdated viewing the Maginotline as some serious defense structure. =The war would be over by the end of 1939 if Poland got what it's allies promised to deliver- a major offensive in the west by the end of 2nd week after war's start. But hey, you French didn't want to die for Paris, why would you wanna risk your skins for Gdańsk/Danzig? =To suggest that the Jews are responsible for the conflict in the middle east is ridiculous. Arabs have been killing one another for centuries. Ask any Shi'ite what he thinks of a Sunni and you are likely to get your head blown off. This is the 'peaceful' religion of Islam at its shiny best. Gassings, shootings, genicide are not new to Arabs; they have been doing it to each other for years. Israel occupies 3% of the middle east, yet the peaceable Arabs blame them for everything. =vast multiple deaths seem to follow them (jews) where ever they go doesnt it? its usually christians dying. now its palestinians and arabs =these same people have tricked us into controlling our banking. when i first learned that the federal reserve was privately owned controlled i immediately smelled a rat. i think one does not have to be very intelligent to realize this does not smell right. one soon learns the extent of their control in all aspects. as in history, i think it normal for germany to want to expell these certain people that had infiltrated them and i think it normal for the americans to one day want to do the same. =there are a sect of jews that have totally infiltrated usa. all aspects of governmet,media, banking. one only has to look. this is not the first time in history. they have been expelled numerous times. we have all been taught to believe the holocaust and there is an enigma to question it. these same people that would have us believe it in its entirety have been responsible for more deaths than 10 hitlers. to make it unlawful to investigate the "holocaust" is a true crime in itself. =jews were definately interned and died but some believe most died of disease and starvation. the gassing is very "say" questionable. not to belittle the deaths of all internies (non jews included) but there were war crimes on all sides. at the same time anyone that denies the palestinian holocaust by israel needs their head examined. there is overwhelming evidence. this is present day by a "democratic" lol country and is supported by its puppet usa. sorry to say my canadian government included =Anyone who denies the holocaust needs their head examined. The evidence is overwhelming and readily available. Denial is fueled by a hatred of the Jews, pure and simple. If these people had been Anglo-Christian there would be no issue. =lol,..complete rubbish. What front are you talking about? The Allies in addition to the invasion of Normandy were running counter-intelligence ops - Operation Fortitude intended to mislead the Germans about the timing & location of the invasion of Normandy The false information supplied helped persuade German intelligence that the main attack would be in the Pas de Calais, keeping two armoured divisions and 19 infantry divisions there for two months after the Normandy invasion. =They were tasked by the allies in Brittan to blow the railways and cut communication lines which did prevent supplies and troops to make it to the front in the first days of fighting. I will enlighten you. The french resistance were already there and established in doing these tactics before. The Allies were not. Yet. From all the books i have read and docs that i seen NONE said they were infiltrated that much. They indeed said they were not so undermined as you claim. =lol,..only in your dreams, dude. The French resistance was never tasked with preventing any German reserves from reaching the coast except again in your fantasy. Pls enlighten us on why the allies would choose the French resistance for this task.This organization was already penetrated from top to bottom with collaborators & gestopo double agents from top to bottom.On top of that regional rivilary & suspicion btwn resistance groups further negated it's effectiveness. =You Zionist are the real criminals defaming Cristian with your lies, Zionist Communist murdered millions of Christians in Russia, Zionist also destroyed all Cristian Churches but not the Jews churches, Zionist are the scum of the earth,now they are ethnic cleansing Palestine. =Holocaust deniers are inevitable sad and ignorant but inevitable. I have been to Bergen-Belsen and I saw with my own eyes the horror of National Socialist scum, racism and a nation birthed and raised on hate. The Holocaust was a real event. It is a load to carry by Germans but there it is. Americans, Russians, Brits we all have our sins. Remember them and let the things that gave them strength pass away. =
Have fun on the railroad track you cretin. One of my uncles saw Germany after the war. He was stationed with the US Army in Berlin as the company top sergeant for years. I had several cousins born in Germany.

You insane deniers are all the same. You belong in a gulag in Siberia.=US soldiers and officers opened many of those camps and interviewed the survivors. Apparently you live in a country where anti-semitism is normal. Why do you hate people you do not know? Why do you repeat the brain washing? Do you not have any original thought processes or powers of logic. You just believe the same old lies as all your friends. If they played on a railroad track would you play there also.=Yes it was also Hitlers mistake. But it is documented that the French resistance derailed trains with German troops and supplies in them as they were bringing in reserves to Normandy days later my friend! =

by the way your right with every point but with the last one that the german reserves didnt reach the coast(That was hitlers mistake)

Rommel wanted to move all tank divisions to the coast but hitler didn't move them

thats why the allies could land in normandy would rommel had been the führer then germany would have probably won world war 2 :(=dude don't be anti-islam. that is just wrong. look at how much racism they put up with. yet everyone calls them terrorists who should die. they are still human beings and did you know that at least 96% are not extremists. I hate the extremists, but i'm good friends with a lot of average muslims, and they are just like you and me. if you can't tolerate their culture, and wish they would all die in a apocalyptic genocide, than SHAME ON YOU!!!

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