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World War II - Overlord. (9/13)

Who's Comments=
That telegraph can be contributed to winning the war, hear me out a second. Hitler was infuriated by the cheek of the Brits and sent a garrison of 250000 men to Norway, and they were stationed there for the entire war, even as Berlin was falling to Russia and the Allies were crossing the Rhine.

Just think how different it would of been if instead of old men and young boys defending Berlin in the Nazis last days, it was crack troops =lol,..Germany never prior or during ww2 constructed a working nuclear reactor let alone operational nuclear weapon. No the US did not use any captured german scientist in the developement or construction of any nuclear device or any part of the Manhattan Project used during ww2. V-E Day end ww2 in europe was May 8 1945' the first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16 1945' Trinity test site New Mexico. =Dieppe was mostly Churchill's doing. He wanted a large-scale operation that year mainly as a morale-booster, to prove that it was possible to seize and hold a large port, and also to assure the Soviets that Britain was still very much in the war. =look the allies won. You guys got Berlin alone I have enormousness respect for the Russian and would hate to fight against u. We are both right. kk :) it was fun thank u for the fight. =You say the Germans were slow. In June 44 they are the same delayed, which saved the Allies. If the Germans had once caused a counterattack, they would have beaten the Allies from the continent.

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