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Vietnam in HD Ep6 Peace with Honor 1970 1975  War End

Comments 1=
geez, 6x45 minutes and not a word about the excessive use of agent orange, poisoning vietnam and disfiguring fetuses to this day...

not a word about "kill zones", where every civilian was game to chopper crews, napalm bombings etc...

not a word about my lai and other war crimes perpetrated by US troops...

not a word about how the public was lied to after the tonking incident, which got the war started in the first place... 2=I don't understand why they used voiceover actors in this documentary. I just watched all 6 parts and it's so weird. 3=they could'nt invade the north because of risking direct involvment with the soviets and the chineese,if that happened then the nato countrys would have interviened then world war 3 would have kicked off and then we probably would'nt have had this disscussion 4=Dude the usa were there to stop the north pushing into the south so that vietnam would'nt become a total communist state,north vietnam were armed and advised by the soviet union and the chinese,if the americans invaded the north they would have ended the war in a few years but instead occupied the south and had to put up with an invisable enemy the vietcong,i agree with you that the war was pointless and there government should be ashamed this was the same government who had jfk killed 5=Just think if those snakes johnson,nixon,ford and the cia did'nt have jfk shot 58000 young americans would'nt have died for nothing,America was brain washed for years how bad communismn was the same for us in the uk.when now we are doing the same in afganistan and iraq before,both pointless wars one for oil and the other for lithium and opium,corperate greed!RIP to all those who died in the vietnam war 6=Best thing I have heard all day!!! I just got back from "communist Vietnam" and they have more freedom than any other country I have been to!!! But they are poor from fighting for their own freedom from the fucking Japs, French and yanks. Total respect from me. 8=America..all the firepower it could ever handle and still could not beat a bunch of peasants! Destroyed a peaceful country for what????? Nothing!!! You guys would have been beaten to a pulp in every battle if it werent for your disgusting weapons of mass destruction like napalm and cluster bombs. Your lying government should be ashamed of itself, lucky the people of Vietnam have learned to forgive you and your puppet nations. True heros, the people. 9=

geez, 6x45 minutes and not a word about the excessive use of agent orange, poisoning vietnam and disfiguring fetuses to this day...

not a word about "kill zones", where every civilian was game to chopper crews, napalm bombings etc...

not a word about my lai and other war crimes perpetrated by US troops...

not a word about how the public was lied to after the tonking incident, which got the war started in the first place.. 10=

khmer rouge were in cambodia, not vietnam, and they got to power because the US intervention in 1970 destabilized the country. their genocide was ended by: tadaa, the (north) vietnamese. ironic, isn't it?

the VC was primarily a NATIONAL LIBERATION movement, fighting first the japanese, then the french, then the US. that they turned communist had a lot to do with politicaly dynamics of the cold war, and rather little with ideology. 11=With all due respect, your comment is rather cold hearted toward those who went to war 'voluntarily'. Who told you 90% of the bombs dropped only hit innocent bystanders? And what do you mean by there woul;d have been a lot less death without the US. How many less? A million?Two?Three? The NVA had already murdered between 200-900,000 in the north in the 50s during Ho Chi Minhs 'land reform' and consolidation, murdering anyone who didn't follow his policies. 12=mogadishu was an operation that was still successful despite the casualties in the mission, we captured the leutenants and left not to mention it was a humanitarian mission to feed starving people. the ARVN surrendered and lost vietnam, the Americans just left. the north koreans lost the land they conquered by u.s and u.n. intervention, even with the million chinese soldiers sent from china they still couldnt get it back. and how can i forget about the landslide victory over iraq in 90-91 13=You might be sorry but your country isnt, neither should the u.s. for that matter. Should we apologize for the atomic bomb? No it was an act of war. The u.s. has made numerous attempts to better the relations with Vietnam. The Chinese still hate the Japanese for their crimes that went unpunished 14=No it's truth. The soviet union were still murdering people long after ww2. Stalin murdered 40 to 50 million of his own people. Not to mention he also starved the Ukrainians by cutting off there food and farming lands. Mau himself murdered over 80 million of the Chinese people. Even with all the wars the u.s. has been through it doesn't even come close. Isn't it kinda funny that u.s. citizens never migrate to these countries but people from china, Russia, even some north Koreans flock to the 15=

Bah , yeah right , american is always on the right side , i- an american- say so .

To other , you stole and drove the native away from their land .

The capitalist killed way more ppl than the new-born communist , the killing have started way back in 17th century .

Communist was the result of the capitalist 's greed as they killed their owns and other to gain more profits .

Truth is there , i felt bad for what my country -japan-did , the funny thing is , americans can't admit their crime. 16=Some who truly wanted to make a difference are, but many dodged the draft out of fear and cowardice. What takes more courage to face a little jail time or face death daily in a far off land? Our soldiers didnt fight for country, to stop communism, they fight for the guy next to them. Most were drafted and didnt want to be there. They just wanted to make it back home. We shouldnt judge soldiers or those that dodged because who knows what their situations were or what we'd do in their shoes. 17=it home,so dont be so quick to judge. As for the comment about draft dodgers being the real heroes some who truly wanted to make a difference that "may" be true however many dodged out of fear and cowardice. What takes more courage to face some jail time or face death on a daily basis far from family in a far off land. If blame needs placed Black Sabath's WARPIGS is fitting Politicians hide themselves away they only started the war treating people like pawns in chess wait til judmentday comes 18=eople talk of things they know little or nothing about. Guerilla forces dont wear uniforms, so you are constantly in a state of heightened alert nervously awaiting the next attack that may come from a large unit or the women you were just talking to. In this pressure cooker nerves fray and you shoot first not out of malice but out of fear and a will to keep the man next to you alive so you both can make it home to see your families again. Most didnt want to be there, they just wanted to make 20=First other than soldiers who by their own volition committed atrocities (war criminals) which was a small percent the majority were professional and are heroes. Remember most were drafted and never wanted to go to Vietnam. People say they fought for freedom, country, etc. but the truth is you fight for the man next to you. A bond forged in blood a trial by fire before we condemn anyone put yourself in their place. How would you react in the fear, anger, pain, confusion of the fog of war. P 21=we didnt steal the land from the natives we fought the natives and they lost, communist russia and china alone in the past 70 years have murdered over 130 million of their own people on record. 22=They served their county only in their minds and belief...really is they served the industrical complex that makes death. No choice?.... everyone has choice and choices.... It's same argument used at Nurrenberg ... just followed orders for my country.... please 23=The Catholic priest Pigneaux de Behaine is generaly credited with the introduction of the French into Indochina. I have no argument that the French colonializm was a rape of the country and its peoples. I don't think Roosevelt did either as he stated to Churhill at the Pottsdam conference that "under no circumstances (after WWII) did he want the French to be allowed back into Indochina". Perhaps that is a good place to start the discussion. 24=I only feel badly for the ones forced to go over there under a delusional notion to free the people crap. Those that went there voluntarily deserved their fate and got what they deserved. Nothing justifies the bombing or shooting of innocent bystanders. 90% of those bombs dropped only hit innocent bystanders which to this day there are still unexplode bombs laying around in Laos and Vietnam. There could of been a lot less death had the US not attempt to bully a smaller country for resources. 25=Its not my purpose to make you believe what I believe. My only purpose was to inform you of the facts. I think most people who grew up in countries that were very oppressed and had little freedom (as under the French in Viewtnam) often look to communism as a solution. I think if I were in their shoes I would think the same way. The idea is a good one and it attracts many people. In practice however, it has seldom worked out that way and more often just the opposite as history has witnessed. 26=Yes, and you did look up casualties of the Vietnam war. Right? I have no problem with the Vietnamese people, I got to know a number of them when I was there and they were very nice people, the same as when I was in Japan for two years. But to make claims about what the "US" did without any knowledge of what actually happened is not fair to you or me. 27=

heh , although i did felt ashamed about what my country have done, but seriously , you all could have chosen a better place to nuke us .

Japan at that time already exhausted , loss after loss , soon the USSR will join the fray , and came the nuke .

But it doesn't matter now , i only hope we all can live in harmony , it have been fun working with vnese , they have their honor and desire only peace , not war . 28=Look up "casualties of the Vietnam war" on wikipedia" look under civilian casualties. If you need more, look up "Freedom, Democracy, Peace, Power, demicide, and War" also on the internet. A study done by Professor Emeritis Rummel, at the University of Hawaii, who has made it his lifes work and is well respected. The estimate on invading the Japanese homeland would have been up to 500,000 additional US casualties and several million Japanese civilian casualties. What would you do? 29=Do I know who started both Word wars? Yeah. Who stole land from the natives? In most countries yes. Who killed more innocents? Not sure. The Japanese did a good job trying same as Hitler, and Ghengis Kahn did well. But much less so by modern standards. But I think when it comes down to it, it would have to be the communists by far. Somewhere between 60-80 million people. "Our superior propaganda system"? Yours maybe, not mine. Yes, the truth can be ugly. 30=

So do you know who start both world war ? the capitalism . Who steal the land from the native ? The capitalism . Who kill more innocents in the past than those communist countries which just established in 20th century ? the capitalism .

My friend , we did horrible things , we drove ppl out of their homeland , but it doesn't matter now thank to our superior propaganda system .

I used to think the VNese is the bad guy , well , not anymore , the truth is ugly.... 31=Since the NVA and VC ended up murdering almost 4,000,000 South Vietnamese, I'd say the fear was justified. Similar to the communist Khmer Rouge, murdereing 2.7 million, or Stalin with his millionms murdered, and last but not least Maos communist China with estimates of 60,000,000 murdered. Yep, guess our fear and that of the South Vietnamese people was misplaced. 32=i always pity the conversations down here, how you see the war and who is the bad guy is nothing but an opinion no matter how much you can prove because they determine who the bad guy is by opinions 33=The city of Hanoi was never bombed. What was bombed were the supply depots, airfields, rail connections that were previously off limits due to a previous 30 mile no bomb zone around Hanoi. Its why you will not find pictures of bombed building in Hanoi or numbers of civilian dead from the bombing. The north understood that the US wouldn't bomb close to Hanoi so guess where all the supplies were strored? Operation linebacker put an end to that. 34=I think it portrays the bad side of the VC because the VC and NVA were murdering butchers. I have taken the time to learn the history and the "truth" about Vietnam. So I think I can clear up any questions you may have. Or your teachers have chosen to ignor. Where would you like to start? 34=

bombing was restricted to parts of Hanoi, Example Airfields, SAM Depots etc etc...the majority of the targets were not touched till Linebacker 2.

you really need to look up the restrictions of the bombing. 35=

Dude... this article says the US lost 1400 planes bombing north Vietnam..65-68. Your argument that Hanoi was bombed only once.. is frankly ludicrous.

"The primary targets were Hanoi and Haiphong. Both became heavily defended and while B-52 bombers were reasonably safe as they flew so high, lower flying bombers or fighter-bombers were less safe. Between 1965 and 1968 over 1,400 US warplanes were shot down over North Vietnam with many of these involved in raids on either Hanoi or Haiphong. " 36=

Don't know how old you are..but..40,000 TONNES of bombs dropped on Hanoi read on.

In December 1972, when the already tortuous peace talks between the United States and the Communist-backed government in North Vietnam began to break down, the Nixon administration responded by initiating "Operation Linebacker," the so-called "Christmas Bombing" of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh's capital of North Vietnam. From 18 December to 30 December 1972. 37=

Dude, do you know anything about the Vietnam war?

3 times more bombs were dropped on north Vietnam than were dropped in the whole of the second world war.. most of these bombs were dropped on towns, most notably Hanoi and Haiphong.

While your at it, you might want to research what happened on the "Plain of Jars" in Laos...a while civilization was wiped out by B52 "Twighlight" strikes in a covert war waged by the CIA.

Maybe you should come to Vietnam, to see what WE did to them. 38=

The idiot French messed thing up in Vietnam , the USA came to fix the French's mess . The result ? Another mess .

I have read both side 's history , the original goal of the NVA was to free VN from French , just like what their ancestors did . Thanked to our fear of communism , US's troops died . 39=Alright, now lets say that hippies are all drug addicts and always expect someone to give them money so they can survive. And my question to you is: are all hippies the same? No, of course not; same thing for the brave men who fought that useless war, and just because some soldiers did bad thing, it doesn't mean that all are responsible, besides the Vietcong also violated treaties by using a neutral country to supply their troops and they also committed crimes. IGNORANT. 40=Why is it that the people who are essentially tasked to violate, assault and kill other groups of people are seen as 'the best of their generation'? I think it's because in war people get closer than ever to touching what it really means to be human, to really understand mortality and courage, to know who and what you really care about. It's kind of sad that people only seem to get that in wars and disasters. Suggests we're moving too far away from our base nature. 41=I'm deeply disappointed. The movie contains much propaganda. Like most high school history teachers in the U.S, the movie doesn't seem to understand Vietnam's history at all. Worse, it only portrays the negative side of the VC while hiding that of the U.S like the coup of Thieu by the CIA or the bloody My Lai massacre. You should learn about the truth such as why the VC attacked the South at the first place, don't just listen to prejudiced media like this. 42=

You hit the nail on the head For many Vietnamese, the war has not ended. Birth defects due to agent orange continue, people are still being blown up by unexploded US ordnance, and the search continues for tens of thousands of Vietnamese soldiers still missing in action.

Events like My Lai have not been touched on in this series, no footage of the children killed in the B-52 raids.

U cannot pick and choose which pieces of history you want to remember if you truly wish to learn from it. 43=

Those wars had a reason to fight beyond Capital gain and political agendas .

If we are back in the 1700's and Imperialism is popular , then by all means go ahead and take over the world . BUT ! we had huge treaties signed after the 2 WW's and world organizations , paid for by us to prevent this . Now lets Go in start a huge war ,back up the south then pull put and leave it up to them . ( pretty much here's some free weapons N Vietnam , your welcome , wanna buy some more ) //TRUTH !  44=I wouldn't say the loss of 58,000 American lives was a lack of trust. The US fought hard and bravely to keep your country free from the communists. Perhaps you should have trusted the communists who would have butchered your people much sooner. 44=There was nothing noble about the Viet Nam War. True American soldiers fought with valor. But Viet Nam was never a threat to our national security. Viet Nam wasn't planning an invasion onto U.S. soil. They were simply fighting a war against imperial expansionism & won. Unlike Iraq & Aghganistan who've had to cede their mineral wealth, to the victors. 45=Totally agree , the fight was described as the fight to save America and its way of life. . America was never in danger . The fight against communism is the fight against another countries belief in a system of government . The US was there for Political reasons only , hence the lie about the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin . It was the retaliation cause for the US to strike , if they didn't have that attack by UN standards they should have never been able to attack N Vietnam. 46=you can condemn old men that run the world, its their game. As for Vietnam? I guess you have never seen what the communists did? ever hear of the Kmer rouge? Stalin? etc,.. Do not compare and condemn the U.S. with those animals! 47=As much as i dislike communism, America and west has done alot more crazy shit then the Russians have over the last 100 years and killed alot more people by starting all these bullshit wars they feel so strongly about. Thats just a statistical fact. 48=I thought I was the only one thinking that. The north violated the peace accords and Ford did nothing. Had Nixon still been in office South Vietnam would probably still exist today. 49=sh*t american, they think they have the right to come to any country, if i was there at that time, i would have killed all american prisionors. and the vietnamese betrayers, wtf no1 kill all of them 50=No it's not the soldiers fault at all. After all it was the politicians that went into hamlets burning and raping and murdering not the soldiers. It was the politicians who threw prisoners and innocent people alike out of aircraft and shelled and straafed peaceful villages simply because they were there. It was the politicians who ordered Mung people troops to be paid for human ears. It was the politicians that made soldiers rape women in every city they stayed in. 51=I can't stand this sentimental nonsense, those pilot's volunteered and were heros, but look at McCain a crazy nut who actually believed he was electable from Arizona a lillly white state with few people! Dr. Farrakan was right when he said Obama was "selected and then elected" A Junior Senator who had not even got his feet wet was given the Presidency" paid for by Goldman Sachs" - Dr. Farrakan is right. He went on, "Obama does not have a Negro dialect..." So true. I voted for him. 52="Turn the war over" What? It's their war! It's there sub-rrace war! The South Vietnamese are cowards and looser. Nixon was right, but wrong war! 53=Only the brave dead are people I care to be around. I can't stand those that hate Nixon, he was a great President. Ford was a coward! We should have B52d those VC in 1975! No of course we are the aggressors under NATO attacking every muslim country we choose! All oil. 54=I will always hate President Ford for allowing the VC to attack in mass without hitting them one last time from the ocean! He then brought those cowards here to take jobs away from the blacks and whites! What an asshole President! The war is never over, it was a race war of Chinese ethnics and lesser race of Asians! 55=Thanks for this great film!Remindes me on war for Croatian independence against communist Serb Yugoslavia!We won the war because we was brave,and noble!It is not shame for U.S.troops because they was fighting for in Vietnam,they are heroes forever!Greetings from Croatia! 56=

thanks for all this brilliant.

What strikes me about the war is the sense of the best intentions - idealism , patriotism , paving the road to hell

They really didnt have any vital interests at stake in Vietnam A fact ironically proved by how little American power was hit by defeat. They really did think they had a duty to fight communism anywhere in the world .

still USA 1969

500,000 troops in NAM

they put a man on the moon

they did Woodstock too

impressive 57=Actually yes, however after 1969 and the decision to pullout of Vietnam many of the troops felt the US was abandoning the war. Along with the anti war protests and lack of political will to continue, many troops lost heart.While I would agree it was a disaster, I find it difficult to call it a crime against humanity and for violating so many international treaties, unless you are talking about the actions and behavior of the Viet Cong, North Vietnamese Army, and its leadership.

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