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Vietnam in HD Ep3 The Tet Offensive 1968

Vietnam Lost Films 3/6 - The TET Offensive 1968

Comments 1=The NVA had more. However it was a large war and numbers are not so important as strategy. Alexander the Great was outnumbered at the battle of Issus by 10 to 1, but defeated Darius decisively. 2=

Mostly the turnover and training of South Vietnamese troops to fill the holes.

1968-536,100 US troops




1972- 24,200.3=Nineteen year old second lieutenant? How did such a young guy get his commission, without a college degree? 4=My father did 3 tours as a field medic in this bloody war,he is the most loving man I know,but to understand how he'd gotten all of his bullet wounds and scars and his medals which he never shows or talks about,fills me w/ honor and grief at the same time.He had open heart surgery not to long ago,and thankfully,just like this bloody war he pulled through.You'ld never think of the hell he went through by looking into his eyes,which seem to show kindness to everything around him,which fail to do. 5=End Game by Alex Jones explains why we had this war and who our real enemy is,for those lost in this bloody war you will always be missed and loved.For L.B.J. and his zionist handelers like Henry Kissmyassenger,just wait until they see the truth of your terrorism on our nation!!We're now on the brink of ww3 which most will not believe possible and will sadly still believe in their gov.until it's to late.It's not the gov. that has fought and died,or raised children that die in these wars it's us. 6=

WHY can't we vote as to going to war...it's our money yet dicks like Busy Jr. and Dick dicky just do it on their own...[but using our money] !

and what a mess we are in and just wait when[if] we leave what will happen. 7=There's a difference between correcting very minor errors when there's no reason to, (aka grammar Nazi) and becoming annoyed while trying to read a comment that appears to be typed up by a 9 year old. My comment still stands. Actually come up with a counter argument for a change instead of resorting to mindless name calling and maybe I won't feel the need to bring up the subject of your questionable English skills. 10-=And that's a sad thing to hear. Okay how about this, if you don't have a counter-argument to my comment, you just admit defeat, instead of going off and insulting my intelligence, and making yourself look like a mentally challenged school child in the process? Maybe then I wouldn't insult your atrocious spelling. 11=

Lack of actions I have? What?

Don't you think it's a little stupid to talk about hating those who are dumbass when you can't even spell or put together a working sentence? Maybe you just don't realize how bad your English really is. .If that's the case I suggest going back and repeating the 5th grade. 12=What exactly is it you have against Russians? Russia as a nation has been around for thousands of years. They have an amazingly rich culture and heritage. Seeing an American, a citizen of a country that's only been around for a little over 200 years, a country which has no real culture of it's own, insult the people of a country as old and proud as Russia. .well it's just mind boggling. You're repeated attacks against the Russian people shows a serious lack of ethnic tolerance. 13=Ha ha ha what profanity an example if one was needed of the outright bigotry and racism that prevails from ignorant neanderthals such as yourself, i would say ur one of those that would enjoy raping and murdering young women in Iraq, proud much lol!!? 15=You ignorant fucking mick, the japs were slaughtering the Chinese since the early thirties. I would say you need a history book yourself, but you are such a colossal asshole you probably wouldn't read it because Irishmen are even more stubborn than they are ugly. 16=!,772 US civilians died at the hands of the US. 68 during the attack on pearl Harbor, and 1704 US civilians intered by the Japanese. Most of those in the Philippines. WWII was started by the Japanese attacking the US and destroying much of its pacific fleet at pearl harbor. Have you looked up unit 731 yet? 17=OHHHHH The old chestnut of saying the enemy created atrocities while turning a blind eye to those committed by your own side ha ha ha the irony!! 18=And lets not forget the atrocities that japan did in the Philipines (500,000), Burma (170,000) Dutch East Indies (3,000,000) and many others, not including over 330,000 POWs. But China, they killed between 10-30 million innocent civilians. So I say talk to the Chinese about how you feel. I doubt you will get any more sympathy for your cause than from me. 19=

Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day

You stupid cunt, when u ask for examples of other atrocities you wilt what a said piece of Nazi scum u are, had the Nazis done this it would be decried from the heavens because the fascist bastards in US do it, YOu and sick cunts like you justify it!! HYPOCRITES!! 20=I believe the total number of Japanese civilians who died during the "Pacific War" or better known here as "WWII", was 143,000. That includes both atomic bombs and the fire bombing of Tokyo. Please send your disappointment that the US didn't attack Japan to the Chinese. "Low estimates" show over 10,000,000 (thats 10 Million) innocent civilians died in China due to the Japanese. Or the 50,000 in malaysia, Estimates of US casualties on a Japan invasion at the time were 500,000. 21=lol you thick fuck u have already had this conversation with me on your OTHER channel..YE How about Nagasaki and Hiroshima, hundreds of thousands of civilians wiped out in a millisecond, dirty murdering bastards, i suppose they were dressed in civilian clothes and deserved it...Nazi pricks! 22=Actually the same rules didn't apply. The murderer that Loan killed was found at the scene and was dressed in civilian clothes. Not being in uniform makes him ineligable for the geneva conventions, and local rules apply. Everybody knows about My Lai the world over. Could you point out any other atrocities committed by the US.(I know of one other). Your claim that the US murdered 10000s of women and children won't hold water either. You have a nice fantasy going, all you need is the tin foil hat. 23LOl the photographer of the time??? How the hell did he know, there was NO proof this man did what he was accused of, but like i say, 1000s of US soldiers should have been taken out and shot in the heads if the same rules apply, murdering and burning 10000s of women and children in Vietnam HYPOCRITE!! 24=Only that the victim of the shooting has been identified. Apparently after the war was when his wife was found living in poverty by a journaist. As soon as the Vietnamese government found out who she was they started providing for her. You're welcome to deny it if you want. As for the story that he was a mass murderer seem to have been verified, by the Vietnamese police at the time and later by the photographer himself. As for me its Guinness time. 25=Did you read all 3,467 pages of that report, or only selected passages. If you would tell me the page number, I would like to look it up. Kinda like the "Pentagon papers" so many like to reference. I don't think I have heard of one person who has read the report in its 7,000 page entirety. 26=Its reported his name was Nguyen Van Lem. His wife said he was a communist and she said she last saw him during the TET offensive. There is another person who has been said to look similar and has been identified as well. Actually Wikipedia is a very good source as much of the data is referenced to a source. Most sources being reliable. Most people nowadays who don't like wikipedia, don't because it contains information that won't support their agenda:P 27=The VC and NVA (PAVN) recieved over 100,000 casualties, including 65,000 deaths. The US and VNA and allies suffered 8,000 deaths. The offensive (all three phases) was a disaster for the VC and NVA of major proportians. The VC and NVA actually lost territory they had claimed prior to the offensive. And you say it was "very successful"? The only success for the NVA was the unanticipated reaction by the western media who played it as a loss for the US and their allies. 28=Were the estimated 81,000 NVA troops around Khe Sanh VC as well? Kumbya, "they were all the same people". I guess with your logic the US civil war never should have happened either. It could have been just a fake setup by Britain and France, so the capitalist Europeans could have made war profits. 29=true, all the odds were against the Americans. No matter how many we killed they will continue to regroup or lead us into traps. the Vietnamese were not gonna give up. As time went by the Americans began to learn how to effectively fight them and at that time it was time to leave country .it reminds me of the war in Afghanistan. 30=In this documentary you will hear again and again one of the main common false claims. It is well studied by several military historians e.g James William Gibson. The truth is that NVA didn't take a part in Tet-offensive. It was total National Liberation Front-operation. Why was this lie repeated all the time? The reason was that it's was pretty hard for Americans and ARVN to confess that NLF could not only defend their large rural areas but they could mopped areas controlled by US and ARVN. 31=

That's true. North Vietnamese Army troops didn't took part in Tet-offensive hardly at all. It's amazing how this claim have been kept alive by official history of American War in Vietnam.

Besides the whole idea of "South Vietnamese" and "North Vietnamese" people is some how odd. There was never really two different countries called South Vietnam and North Vietnam. It was just a fake by US and Saigon puppet Government. NLF and NVA were all same Vietnamese people. 32=Vietnam underlined that Americans didn't understand the purpose of war at all. They knew hardly anything about their enemy. They never really managed to "read the game" at all. That's why e.g Tet was almost total success for NLF. Though they lost thousands and thousands of their soldiers they managed to threw ARVN and US troops out from rural areas to towns and cities- they could recruit new soldiers there. It was like bloody but very successful investment. Pentagon and Government were convulsed 33=

For those who are claiming that Marines in Vietnam fought more bravely than Army:

"The marines in 1970 had the highest desertion index in the modern history of the Corps and, for that year at least, slightly higher than the Army’s. As the Marines now phase out of Vietnam (and haven’t taken a draftee in nearly two years), their desertions are expected to decrease sharply. Meanwhile, grimly remarked one officer, "let the bastards go. We’re all the better without them.""

- Colonel Robert D. Heinl 33=

Johnson asked (1968) a small group of "action officers" in the Pentagon to advise him on this.They studied the situation. Here's part of it:

"This growing disaffection accompanied as it certainly will be, by increased defiance of the draft and growing unrest in the cities because of the belief that we are neglecting domestic problems, runs great risks of provoking a domestic crisis of unprecedented proportions. " 34=The French newspaper Le Monde reported that in four months, 109 soldiers of the first air cavalry division were charged with refusal to fight. "A common sight," the correspondent for Le Monde wrote, "is the black soldier, with his left fist clenched in defiance of a war he has never considered his own." 35=When the great Moratorium Day demonstrations were taking place in October 1969 in the United States, some GIs in Vietnam wore black armbands to show their support. A news photographer reported that in a platoon on patrol near Da Nang, about half of the men were wearing black armbands. One soldier stationed at Cu Chi wrote to a friend on October 26, 1970, that separate companies had been set up for men refusing to go into the field to fight. "It's no big thing here anymore to refuse to go." 36=Wallace Terry, a black American reporter for Time magazine, taped conversations with hundreds of black soldiers; he found bitterness against army racism, disgust with the war, generally low morale. More and more cases of "fragging" were reported in Vietnam—incidents where servicemen rolled fragmentation bombs under the tents of officers who were ordering them into combat, or against whom they had other grievances. The Pentagon reported 209 fraggings in Vietnam in 1970 alone. 37=

South Vietnamese General Ngygen Ngoc Loan is the man firing the shot. Loan was Chief of Police at the time. He aided in building hospitals, giving to orphans, and in general, humanitarian aid.

The man being shot was a leader of a Viet Cong squad tasked with killing police.He had been caught near a ditch containing 34 murdered men, women and children, among them were the wife and six children of one of Loan's closest friends (the six murdered kids were also Loan's godchildren). 38=becuae UNLIKE you i dont cut and paste any bullshit posted on wikidumbpeadia!!! The real guy in that video has NEVER been identified, its pure speculation! Shit indeed .

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