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Vietnam War (2/6) - Search & Destroy (1966-1967)

On May 11, 2012

This is a really good documentary serie about the Vietnam War.
In my eyes it feels like one of the most unnecessary war ever. Comments 1=This video makes the whole search and destroy campaign more closely resemble the uprooting of weeds. Was this the best strategy the top brass could afford to come up with? I find it very surprising. 2=

yes the ways of the rich and greedy handed down to us from the roman empire, and maintained by the rich and greedy ever since, are virus like.

a proper killer virus at that, not just a bit of a cold

 3=Regardless of how anyone might feel about the war in Vietnam, our boys were called to do a job & they did it. They are HEROES pure & simple. They are to be commended for their efforts & praised for their valor. What an awesome group of guys! This woman appreciates you & your bravery more than you'll ever know! <3 By the way, has someone noticed about the Appalachians? Where does this name come from? Who were these people? Oh, they were native americans who got surrounded and cast off "their" lands. The white guys claimed it for themselves, as they did with the rest of american natives. Sometimes I think of certain people as a virus: they invade, destroy and multiply. I'm not saying that US people are a virus, I'm just saying that some attitudes and ways of thinking are virus-like. 4=

What were the US doing in Vietnam in the first place? Can anyone imagine another country invading the US because of the Civil War? Can anyone imagine them throwing napalm over the Appalachians, the Rockies, the plains and forests?

Can anyone imagine the US under real bombardments? Everyone went tragic after Pearl Harbor (which wasn't even close to the mainland), but it was only a joke in comparison to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam or Iraq.

PD: Not to mention CIA nice operations. 5=

Anyone who considers him/herself right and, therefore, with authority to tell other people what to think, do or say, is living an illusion. Sooner or later this illusion will be revealed in one way or another, it's only a matter of time and interaction.

The beginning and end of wars are intrinsic to human existence as we know it.

If you get sick of something,don't worry: another generation will have it in the future as it'll be unknown to their experience.  6=I hate watching these but i believe we must never forget. we must learn from these events. The price for that knowledge was paid in blood on both sides, if we don't use that knowledge to avoid this kind of tragedy then their deaths meant nothing. 7=I hate watching these but i believe we must never forget. we must learn from these events. The price for that knowledge was paid in blood on both sides, if we don't use that knowledge to avoid this kind of tragedy then their deaths meant nothing. 8="Ask not what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country" I would of been asking what the fuck Vietnam has to do with my country??? lol 9=

What's an australian snake doing in vietnam? :-)

And no, snakes can be dangerous but not that dangerous:

"The Inland Taipan is regarded as the most venomous land snake in the world. As of late 2003, all positively identified inland taipan bite victims have been herpetologists handling the snakes for study, and all have been treated successfully with antivenom—no incidents have been fatal." (Wikipedia) 10=yeah there is, its actaul name is the austrilian king snake, its vemon is so poerfull that you can only take 2 steps before you die - thus people nicked name the snake 'step 2 snake'.

229th Assault Helicopter Battalion Vietnam The Way It Was Part 2

On Mar 6, 2011

Personal 8mm Footage taken by UH1 and Cobra pilot Major Alfred Demailo, serving in Vietnam during 1967/68 and 1970/71

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