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World War II - the Soviet steamroller. (8/13)

 Who's Comments 1=It is also against the law to question this story in some eleven other European countries. What this shows is that they lack faith and elementary evidence so they have to protect their story from scrutiny with the help of laws. If anything this just shows how absurd the claims are. 2=This film is flawed. Italy attacked Greece and was pushed back by the Greek army. Italians screamed for help from the Germans. This film makes out like Hitler invaded Greece for the beaches and the gryos! 3=Hitler was considered a problem upon Annexation of Czechoslovakia, just France and Britain were ill prepared and had no way of really helping them, as the prior annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland had left Bohemia ripe for invading. 4=Perhaps, the point is, Hitler wasn't considered a problem until he invaded Poland. He invaded Czechoslovakia because that's where all the hotties are. 5=Czechs and Slovaks would never be allowed to remain under German rule for a great length of time. They ripped apart Northern Austria-Hungary 20 years earlier. 5=So about 20 years later they declared them selves americans and were suddenly totally different people who didnt massacre native americans.? Is that what u are saing cuz thats the way i understand it? 6=If he had stopped with Czechoslovakia he would be remembered as a great statesman, and we would be traveling to other planets by now. 7=So basically ur saing that nazis are evil because they massacred jews right? What bout americans who massacred native americans. Isnt that holocaust too? And what bout Soviet Union who massecred 7 million ukranians not to say even more people from other countries and tens of millions that were starved by China. I say that if Germany would have won the war in near future only jews would have been massacred. I dont hate jews but its better to massacre less jews than more other people. 8=its history only but i see this documentary although it has many unedited scenes from the ww2 it hasnt any real value of integrity in the details. That makes history accurate. 9=

You're free to think the Jews were destroyed in WWII. Nobody is stopping you, my dear friend.

I chose not to believe in it -- and the country I reside within currently have no laws against not believing in it: so I suppose I'm free to not believe in such malicious claims...for the time being :-)
 10=im not gonna argue the me being an idoit thing cuz i hav better things 2 do then sit on the computer & argue if im an idiot or not, when im clearly a genius, well i mean by defination is "distruction or slaughter on mass scale" & um... yeah during ww2 the german jewish population was destroyed, and slaughtered on a mass scale so yeah it could be discribed as a holocaust as it is and should be..... maybe me and u just have much different definations of the word "holocaust" 11=

Notice I wrote "the claim is". You do know what a claim is, right? The last part was an attempt at sarcasm but evidently it was lost on you.

In your last "paragraph", or whatever one would call your scribbling, you also admit that your trick was one of "simple minded" nature. So in essence we can conclude that you are actually the idiot and a person with a self-admitted "simple mind".

Quite the trickster. And no I do not believe what befell the Jews in WWII can be described as a "holocaust". No.

Well my friend, If they won in Russia and Britain they would still have America fighting and Zionist controlled America would never have have given up, They in counter to what many people think wouldn't have been able to nuke Germany, because they used German scientist to finish it.

So that would result into an all destroying never ending war.

I also hate immigrants who don't work and use a country's system for their profit.

I'm myself an immigrant but I took the time to get a college degree.

Well, first of all Germany would not "rule the world" if they had won, although their influence in the world would have been quite significant. As for what would have been better in such a world...to be fair: everything.

The democracies love dummied-down citizens who merely work (most somalis in Sweden do not appear to work though), pay taxes and send huge reparations to Israel, and consume all sorts of junk whilst promoting all that which is sick and twisted to the people.

Good bye my friend. 14=Or...nationalism. I think this is a better option. Racism is not good. But in today's world racism can be committed against all peoples of the world - but it isn't considered racism to attack the values and principles of, for example, the German people, or the Swedish people - that's sanctioned. 15=Mate i didn't say they shouldn't help each-other, all i said was they could have solved the problem without violence, and you should know Austria was looking forward to crushing the Balkans countries form the early 18 century  16=Greeks didnt lost the war with the Germans so easy after we fucked up Mussolini's army in North Epirus after a real difficult winter the Greek Army was exhausted then the Nazis came from the Bulgarian front the reserves there where so few yet we keeped them for 7 days away from Greece, the soldiers had the order to give up no one gave up . The brits where only in the battle of Crete and with not so success. 17=Think before you continue on, if your ally country and neighbor who was like family had their leader assassinated, would you aid them out of being a human? Also, when you plunge a country to massive debts, and restrict their army, you really think nothing bad is going to come out of it? When Hitler came into power, he made Nazi Germany recover from its economic depression by ignoring the treaty, thus the country began to recover, both economics and military wise. The treaty only enrage for war. 18=

The difference is we as the voting public chose those 'corrupt' politicians, not the same thing as an occupying political and military apparatus.

I'll be having dinner with three 80 year old ladies this weekend (I know, I'm a player), my grandmother and both her sisters, they were young in the '40s and they have a better perspective on these things. What do you think they prefer?

I too feel the frustration of the political charade today, but it's not the same as daily life being dictated by fear 19=without consent, or corrupted politicians who are wanking their dicks everyday with our tax money, controlling us without our consent? Its like picking a poison to ease your death, you don't know which will end fast or which will torture slowly. For me, I think we chose the slow poison that will eventually hurt us in the long run. Jokes aside, a world full of Nazis would be tragic, and chaotic. Then again, doesn't hurt... 20=How could Germany avoided WWI? Austria-Hungary was their neighbor country and ally. It was the Treaty of Versailles that made Germany plunge to WWII. Forcing Germany into a downfall of debts is not a way to punish the loser. You're just going to ask for a dictator to come out of the shadows, take over the country and restore it to healthy condition, then start making war aggressions and repeats. After WWII, we didn't do another Versailles because we knew what happen the first time it happen. 21=Sorry my friend, but I must say that your comment is nothing short of pure unmitigated hate. Please try to avoid that. I have every right in the world to think it sad that Germany lost the war, just as you have the right to believe it was great that most of Europe fell under communist rule and you probably believe Germany was "liberated" too. That's fine. But I genuinely think it is sad Germany lost the war - just accept that people have different idea and opinions. Good bye my friend. 23=This may be ironical to somebody who is brain-dead, but it stops at that. I get my information mainly from books - I watch these films for their scenery, but they are all, without fail, peppered with anti-German hatred, lies and a inferiority complex vis-a-vis the German people. 24=I must be writing with an amoeba. Nobody denies the existence of concentration camps. You do know that people were burnt on the stake for witchcraft and suchlike too, everyplace in Europe? That it was a "fact"? That it was illegal, under penalty of law to deny this "fact"? Today nobody believes such outright nonsense. It's the same with these stories of "gas chambers" and other more or less absurd claims. Actually claims of having had sex with the devil makes more sense than these Jewish ones. 25=so some how thae fact that its illigal to deny it makes it false? what kinda logic r u on? want more proof? concentration camps are still up! mass graves r still standing! photos and documents everywhere! u can deny it all u want but it really happened! 26=It is also against the law to question this story in some eleven other European countries. What this shows is that they lack faith and elementary evidence so they have to protect their story from scrutiny with the help of laws. If anything this just shows how absurd the claims are. 27=Sorry, but where have I written, or even vaguely described Adolf Hitler as being my hero? Besides that, I don't own a pistol - not that I ever contemplated following your advice. What's so astounding in not believing the Germans industrially exterminated the Jews? Nothing! The lack of evidence for such hateful claims is what gives the story away, buddy. 28=that still seems to be "eeeh" cause even if hitler didnt attack and did focus more on the british especially when he could hav wiped them out at dunkirk thus delaying operation overlord for about 2-3 years. Still what would have happened hadnt he attacked the ussr since their economy was improving rapidy and the industry. there are so many ifs... 29=Yes, but in my opinion he had no reason to invade the USSR, other than greed or his hate for communism, if Hitler held on against the British he might have actually won and would have changed the world as we know it.  30=good point but that could also be considered a misconception as well. Think of the mass production of fighter jets hitler could have ordered, or if he had put more money into the their own "manhattan" project. Its clear blitzkrieg could have never prevailed due to its design but the atom bomb would have ended the war in a blink of an eye especially when they had already developed v2 mssiles/balistic missiles that actually could have been carried by their nuclear subs.  31=Common misconception. 85% of the land the Germans won, the Russians got it back. The other countries Hitler controlled that didn't fall to the soviets were France and the Netherlands. Hitler didn't control Japan.  32=i thought it was declaring war on the united states by siding with Japan. Also stalin would have attacked the west so they say.  33=But the true mistake hitler had made that would have inevitably granted him victory was that he did not put enough effort toward te completion of the atom bomb which they were closer at one point of time than anyone else during the war. Blitzkrieg would have never defeated the soviets since its not desgined to defeat an army tens times larger than itself and cover vast areas of land. The only way hitler could have truly defeated the Soviets and Americans was if he had developed the atomic bomb.  34=Besides the nazis were the luckiest that Stalin was also a Major DUMBASS since he basically sent the red army as well as the air force and navy back to the stone age. Also their top officers who had been killed by Stalin also developed their own stragety that the would have annilated the German war machine called "deep Battle stragety" which was like blitzkrieg except it was desinged specifically for an army with larger forces like china's or the ussr's.  35=considering the german air force had lost almost 2000 aircraft which would have ended to be a lot more than what they had currently lost wouldnt that have put too much pressure on their air force for its role in operation barborossa? Also fyi they had already deveoloped the jet aircraft which had been tested in preparation for its debut into the war. This would have destroyed the allies at normandy had hitler ordered mass productions of them.  36=One thing for sure CHURCHILL and ROOSEVELT are so fucking scared of HITLER that they trade it for Fucking STALIN whose more blood than HITLER. And the called God called HIROHITO suffer the ATOM bomb because the RUSKIES cannot commit to their agreement to a 2 front in JAPAN. . . . HAHHHH you FUCKN WEST!! ushered STALIN whose the SUCKER NOW... 38=Night raids on London began in addition to, not instead of, strikes against airfields by day, so there was no actual respite. Even so, ACM Dowding's Fabian Strategy (only 1/2 fighter command ever committed) and no standing patrols due to radar, was still controlling airspace and thwarting the LW, which rationally decided to attack the Capital by day to force RAF fighter reserves into battle so they could be defeated; the stratagem worked, but LW was operationally out-fought sustaining heavy loss 39=Neither. Oh and by the way my stretch is quite a bit longer than just YouTube, my dear friend. If I am so unimportant why, then, would magazines and blogs occupy their time dealing with little me? :-) 40=Self reflection must not be your strong suit. "I believe the holocaust didn't happen and i wish the nazis won ww2. GEE I WONDER WHY MY OPINIONS GENERATE ATTENTION?" You're a moron and a creep who's wasting his life attempting the validate the Third Reich. My advice to you would be to emulate your hero Adolf Hitler and shoot yourself in the fucking head. Peace. 42=

Indeed they didn't but that is why Hitler should have had more U-boats built. They could have sunk more British warships, but they were mismanaged and there were never enough to ascertain victory. If I were Hitler I would have avoided building battleships and opted for more U-boats.

And as far as the RAF, it was really close to losing control of the skies. If Hitler hadn't ordered the Luftwaffe to bomb British cities the RAF would have capitulated (this was revealed after the war I believe).
 43=yea i mean if hitler had stayed focus on 1 thing at a time germany may of had a chance but i think in the end germany would of lost the war if britian had fallen and hitler than turned to russia i believe america would of intervened because of russia closeness to north america. 44=Hitler was a dumb ass. He overstretched his logistical and industrial capacity by invading the USSR and the Mediterranean nations. What he ought to have done instead was to strike at Britain until they gave in, then to solidify his rule over his newly gained lands. Then in further preparation for an attack on the USSR, in his seat I would have focused on developing jet fighters and other technologies that would have been the nail in the coffin for those wretched commu swine. He screwed up badly. 45="what he ought to have done" how would Hitler "strike at Britain" anymore than he did, and what convincing facts are there to indicate "they" would thereby "have given in" ? 46=The British would have held out until the bitter end, of that I am utterly convinced. As for Hitler's mistakes he made his greatest when he let the Luftwaffe switch from bombing runs on radar stations and RAF bases to civilian targets right as the RAF was about to break. His switching over to civilian targets gave the British time to recover and hurt the Luftwaffe. An other foolish decision was not to invest in more U-boats which had proven their worth many times before...not wise at all. 48=except churchill himself write in his memoirs that he was three weeks away from surrender. Why three weeks? Thats how much food england had on hand. The u-boat campaign was sucessfully strangling england, but doenitz pulled the uboats due to heavy losses and sent them for easier pickings, fatal mistake 50=germany didnt have the navy to send enough troops across the channel, also hitler didnt have the powerful ally like britian had in america,america was sending so much to britian that losing aircrafts was nothing to them, even if germany somehow took it to englands shores i couldnt see america not getting involved,the usa would of had to send men to help hold off germany. 51=Well you didn't answer my question but I'll tell you its really reassuring knowing that overwhelming world opinion and irrefutable evidence is my side. Keep fighting the good fight though, chum. I'm sure one day everyone will see the truth and will thank you, youtube user "k0nslify," for correcting all modern accounts of history. Tell me: Is your perspective based more around admiration and love for the Nazis or hatred for the Jews? 52=Hitler's biggest mistake was the invasion of the USSR. He underestimated the Russians and also in reality had no reason to invade. He had secured enough materials (through Eastern Europe) to run a full scale war against Britain and win.  53=That's like saying a world full of democrats, liberals or communists would be a tragedy -- the latter was a tragedy for millions and millions of people, though. And to answer your question; no I'm not crazy at all. I'm merely sad that Germany did not win the war. What's wrong with that? 54=Turkey was also a major player and joined a bit later. The tipping point was when they allowed German ships into their waters while they blocked the English ships pursuing them. It led to a famous battle off the Turkish coast where the allies got beaten badly but it led to Australia and New Zealand being formed. They also committed a holocaust themselves with the Armenians in Russia. And whether they could have taken Suez is debatable. With their defeat, it led to the formation of many countries 55=It is hard not to side with the old Hindenburg Germany. Germany allied itself with Austria-Hungry because France and Britain made an alliance as well as France allying itself with Russia who was allied with Serbia. When a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia. Which made Russia declare war on Austria-Hungry leading to Germany declaring war followed by France and Britain declaring war on Germany. Germany did nothing wrong and paid dearly. 56=they just had to fuckin think!! really taking 17% of Germany's land and reducing their military to 100,000, no tanks, no armor. and on top of that ENORMOUS reperations for a war they didnt even start...what else would have happened? the German people just stand their and accept it? common sense 58=It is extremely frustrating how both concious and unconcious humanity is. The sad truth is, as a population, we cannot "learn lessons". Instead we must try to maintain stability and safety for our populations - this is the only way to keep an inquisitive, life-loving and analytical population. Once safety breaks down, people will almost inevitably turn to desperate mentalities, deities, scapegoats, blind-rage and viciousness. Theres no "lesson" to learn, cus this is sadly simply how we function. 57=The only mistake in this documentary was about Greece. If Greece fell to Italy, the Germans would not have been delayed and the Soviets would have been in big trouble because Germany would not have had to deal with the Russian winter. 58=Stalingrad's significance was huge. His generals lived in the old era, capture the capital and win the war. Well, ask Napoleon about that. With Stalingrad captured, it would stop shipping on Volga, and reduce SUs industrial capacity. Additionally, it would leave an entire southern flank open. This documentary is based on old information, that since has been contridicted and dismissed. Russian tank numbers are really troubling to me, and Stalin's shock concerning the invasion. 59=i mean, i think it's really good, but it's not my favorite. the 'battlefield' series is by far the best i've seen. it's very, very comprehensive. 'WWII in colour' is more entertaining, and the fact that it's colorized adds a whole new dimension to it. not to mention robert powell has the best voice for narration. but, in any case, i highly recommend 'battlefield' if you haven't already seen them. they are superb. 60=germans should have used more of their allies in the east ,romanians we merly used at first as cover, as well as hungarians ,bulgarians croatians slovakians finish didn;t even ge to fight as armies in invading ussr ,if germany would have used it's allies better the soviets would've had a lot more problems, yeah those countries didn;t have much in military technology but the soviets didn;t won by technology and armament they won by numbers and bravory of the peaseants enlisted .61=Crazy how Hitler could have made so many unbeleivablly stupid blunders which resulted in the demise of the third reich. EVEN after starting a second and third front in the east and south, Germany should have taken the eastern front before they decided to go for Stalingrad which had no military siginificance at all but instead was the beggining of the end on the eastern front. 62=meh it's alright, it's super bro-british and doesn't make much of an attempt to understand the war from the russian (a heroic but atrocious struggle against an overwhelmingly terrifying opponent which stretched everything including human endurance to its limit...a monumentally dark and awful time, better expressed through poetry than history because of the weight of the experiences involved) or the german ,

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