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World War II= Red sun rampant. (5/13)

 Who's Comments 1=You do understand that the eastern front was the biggest and deadliest front in all of human history. with three million german troops mobilized alone, and over thirty million casualties. which last time I checked is a hell of a lot more then a million 2=And this is all being enacted again. America is being destroyed from within by international banksters in an attempt to bring in a 'new world order'. CiDon't let anti-USA tards deny history bro. If the Soviets didn't need help, the U.S. president wouldn't have went through so much trouble to find ways of providing it via lend lease, and even Red Army generals emphasized it's importance, especially for launching large-scale ops into Europe. The war was an allied effort. 3=vil war is only a government gun grab away - and it's going to happen.  4=If Japan still attacked us in 41' & Hitler had done the smart thing and told them to go fuck themselves & tore up that treaty, the U.S.would've been tied down with that completely. So whenever Germany struck at the rest, opening up a second front in our war wouldn't have made sense to the majority of Americans at the time, regardless of what FDR wanted. Maybe push the deadline for attack by Germany back to 43'. Better than the scenario 39' brought about. 5=Making a few more friends and getting to the point where he could meet Franco's unreasonable demands also would have been vital. Controlling the Med from Iberia would've been a big help. Also any aid sent to Russia after 41' wouldn't have happened and more than likely Stalin would've been playing catch up for years after executing so many of his top officers.If he'd of put it off until 45', he probably wouldn've walked through Europe even quicker and Russia never would have known what hit them. 6=Hitler was a bad gambler. He didn't see it as winning over the Rhineland, Sudentland and Austria...he saw it as losing the rest of Eastern Europe. If he'd have folded there and walked away, to go play with his new toys, maybe build up his industry in those areas to help grow an already massive war machine I think Germany would have been one of the first true super powers of our time. An absolutely unstoppable powerhouse. 7=Yeah, thank you so much. I remember taping this (Yeah, VHS!) when the color footage first came out. It was on the History Channel, a 3 part series. It had some awesome footage from one of Stalin's Sports Parades from the mid 30s with some really awesome music. I remember watching the whole thing over and over again, it was just so well done. Using some of the old German war music for the scenes from Operation Barbarossa. The scenes from Eastern Europe and Russia under occupation were also genius 8=

Italy's troops..."so called volunteers." Everywhere else they're just "volunteers."

The fucking war's over now, you can stop with that shit. Nations in traditionally Catholic nations were scared shitless of Communism. There were plenty of sincere volunteers from the Axis, just as many as in the Republican military.
 9=In what way was it the largest? Stalin used around a million men, they did not all die. The winter war lasted three months. In what factor is it larger than Operation Barbarossa? 10=Elizabeth 1 also went to war a lot and while the Armada was sufficient provocation, she also waged aggressive war and funded pirates like Drake. Speaking of Spain, Isabella had more than her fair share of a say in Spanish politics and the colonization. And while she tried her best to alleviate the suffering of the natives of Meso America it doesn't change the fact that A LOT of people died under her watch. I think that whole inquisition thing started around that time if I remember correctly...11=this sounds silly, and I'm no feminist in no way, but not a wimp, how would the world have been had it run by women? Elizabeth the 1st did very well. I also thought during Vietnam, they should have put all the old war mongers in a boxing ring and let them duke it out, lol silly how children think, it had all to do with testosterone, maniacs, banks, all that waste of lives. God bless the allies and the innocents. Just a thought. 12=what were they thinking? out of their anger and bitterness they punished Germany too harshly, and ruined their country because of the land losses and high debts Germany was in to them. because of that the German people were desperate and put a man like Adolf Hitler in power, same story with Mussolini. you think the Germans would have voted for a man like Hitler if they werent in such shit? as I said, the allies got what they asked for...and that was another brutal war 13=i am sorry , but that way of thinking is just not right . You know how many Europeans and Euroepan - Americans were slaughtered ? Come on man the big bulk of that 60 million was Russian , German and many citizens , so no the allies did not get what they asked for  14=sorry for the misunderstanding . Absolutely , they were great historical figures and had great warrior armies.many technological advances came from ww2 and other . IMO during ww2 , it was one of the greatest generation that ever lived . I had one Grandfather fighting for Germany , met my Grandmother in Frankfurt,other grandfather hospital,other grandfather was in the Marines. So many brave , smart men died. Anyhow ,stay safe my friend.sorry for me takingyour tex out of context . I apologize  15=@passageiro61i like this documentary the whole doc frm 1 to 13 it shows u the depths of war ..but th britisn usa n the red armry took the war...germans aint got nothing on them ....bro keep up the goood work ...glad hitler didnt win..... hitler was a druggie lmfao...16=Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series, It will be good to watch a complete documentary series on the second world war with no bloody commercials. 17=Thanks for loading it. Glad to finally see it. I have bought all 13 dvds but foung disc 1 that was to have been "The Gathering Storm " was actually misrecorded by the company who made them. What was on disc 1 was "Hitler Strikes East".So thanks again , by the way do you know where i can buy a real copy of "The Gathering Storm " ? Any and all help would be welcome .thanks.

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