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Vietnam War (1/6) - The Beginning (1964-1965)

This is a really good documentary serie about the Vietnam War.
In my eyes it feels like one of the most unnecessary war ever. Comments 1=
Couple of things wrong with this doco:

America was BLOCKING the elections in Vietna because as admitted in Congress the VAST majority they knew would vote for Ho Chi Minh.

Also the "Gulf of Tonkin incident has been declassified and NO US ships were ever fired upon. They just wanted an excuse to sell the war to Congress, which they sadly succeeded in doing, costing the lives of around 3000000 Vietnamese... all based on a LIE. 2=AND AMERIKAN PARENTS LET THEIR SONS AND DUAGHTERS GOTO WAR IN AFGHANISTAN - TRULY MORONIC - ITS THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX STUPID THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ISLAM COMMUNISM AMERIKA OR ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN PROFIT AND CONTROL - SHEEP OF SATAN 3=Also, why didn't the documentary talk about the US overthrow of Diem? IIUC his death weakened the South to the point America needed to get involved. 4=

I'm a bit of a newbie about the finer details of the whole war (thus my reason for watching) but I wonder why couldn't American ground troops just invade the North? Would a landing had been anywhere near as bad as Normandy? The VC were supplied and funded by NV and also China and Soviet Union right? If yes then did America know? A contested north would in turn cause a loss of supplies to the VC in the south if I understand it correctly.

So why focus on rooting out in SV? 5=Yes. You can read all about it in the NSA 2005 report, on the internet. The report has Captain Herricks (of the Maddox) testimony as to what happened that night as well as all the message traffic and a chronology of events as they happened. (easy reading) Look it up. To me it was a rush to make a decision when a few more days could have given a different scenerio. The rest is history. I believe the first troops were called up to secure the airbase at Danang. 6=are you saying that McNamera formed his policy based on intelligence that was not correct? Therefore his mistake is not conspiracy but an error legitimate in it's conclusion at the time? A real mistake? Me, I don't believe it. The USA could not wait to get into Vietnam. This adventure was planned for years. You don't just call up 150,000 men within a few months without some kind of serious pre logistics inquiry. 6=Did you read the Pentagon papers? All 7,000 pages? If you did, you'll be the first person I ever met who did. Could you give me the page reference which 'clearly indicates the US govt lied to the American people'? 7=I believe the second attack on the Maddox (4 Aug 64) was not fully understood when the Gulf Resolution was voted on.(7 Aug 64) In conference during that time McNamera had to form a consensus to act on for the retaliatory raid and the opinion was that the attack on the Maddox did occur. It was later found not to have happened. None of the facts were false.Well I hope you are aware of Daniel Ellsberg when he leaked the Pentagon papers which clearly indicates the US govt lied to American people about the Gulf of Tonkin just like they did in Iraq. Surprisingly, the New York times had the papers a month b4 they were leaked but did nothing to tell the public. 8=That may be you view in Malasia but My feeling are America is bankrupt and only running on American bullshit. It will all come crashing down soon enough. 9=the truth is Vietnam didn't turn out that bad, they have a beautiful, clean country, and they have not held a grudge. The government of Vietnam graciously host teams of american people that search for MIAs and veterans that want to revisit that place where so many of their friends died. The war was regrettable but the people that died on both sides are gone nonetheless. we must all learn from this tragedy and honor those that died in it. 10=

Most didn't know why they were there. fighting for Americas freedom just feeds the Military indistrial complex.

It was supposed to be so easy to defeat all those funny little men in their black jammies but it was those little men that kicked Americas arses right out of the country.

The US has not won a conflict since the defeat of Japan and that was only because they dared to use what nobody else has. Atomic Weapons. Japan would have kicked Americas arse without those evil bombs. 11=unnecessary, yes, but a piece of history that definitely shaped my life and future. i am ever grateful for the men and women who served in the US military. i think it's important for us never to neglect those in poverty and persecution.

128th Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam The Way It Was Part 1

On Feb 14, 2011

Helicopter Gunship pilot Captain James Powell shares his personal 8mm footage taken while on tour in Vietnam 1968. For Part 2 click the video response below, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion Vietnam.


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