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Khmer Fashion Trends and Cambodia Clothing Showings and Music Songs

Khemarak Sereymon is a famous Cambodian singer to the youths of the world with his unique fashion and voice.

Cambodian Fruits of the Forest new Khmer Cambodia music song

Shows the Cambodian and Khmer Fashion trends. There are many Khmer people that like to dress in many types of clothing that fit the Cambodian culture with a mix of Western culture clothing. The accessories can include glasses, bows,and ties. The fashion can represent Phnom Penh city culture to Western foreign culture types of clothing mixed with Cambodian style types of clothing trends. Khemarak Sereymon, is a singer. He is a popular singer who has been supported by young Cambodian youths. He sings around the world including Europe, France, United States and other countries.  He sings throughout the United States and stars in many karaokes.  The youth like his styles, fashions, and his voice.  His voice excites all the young people. Shows the fruits of Cambodia.
There are many types, sizes and shapes of fruits in Cambodia. There is durian, fruits of many types. There is bananas, and mangos. There is trop; eggplants. There is sway salok bahok. There are various eggplants. There is knoll. There is champoo. There are many vegetables, beans, and preen. There is melons of various types. There is plae maka. There is young bananas and flowers. There is lychee nutsw and sweet nuts.

Khmer Cambodian Foods Music Song News

Sokun Nisa.  A Cambodian Singer and Khmer Karaoke Music Song Performer

Cambodian Khmer New Fresh Foods of Delicious Music and Songs

ttp://www.cambodiatvnews.com Stewed eggs with beef and green beans are part of Cambodia's foods. The sweet taste of the stewed beef makes the mouth exciting. The taste of Cambodia, there are fried fish with various spices. The flavor of the fish is a mixed with salt and sweets to endure a wonderful mix of tastefullness. There are mixed vegetables with eggs. There are many various beef stews. There are many salads with beef and dipping suaces. Fried fishes with many ingredients are gleaned and eaten. There are many soups with fish balls. There are fried duck to taste and eat. The flavor of the duck is savoring and good. Sokun Nisa is a known singer in Cambodia and around the world.  Sokun Nisa is also an actor.  The khmer singer lives in Cambodia and travels for concerts and events to perform in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the countries.  Sokun Nisa is also in karaokes and music videos and dvds.  She is in many music videos.  Sokun Nisa would sing at outside concerts, inside concerts and more. There are Cambodian stews, and barbeque. There is fish and fried bananas. There is fried fishes. There are long sausages and sausage stews. There is curried chicken good with shrimp sides. There is nom a chok. There are fried and boiled pork stomachs. There are banchow and red flowered battered fish. Trey mit. There is cha site mon with nom ga dee. There is various noodles. There is also bahok. There is various tasting liquides with various sides. There are delicious and delicate bugs and insects that are good to eat. There are rice eggs and many baws. There is catfish and ching coon.

Cambodia Fashion and Clothing Presentation, Khmer Cambodia music song

Sin Sisamouth and Ros Srey Sothea are Famous Singers in Cambodia and Music Songs

Cambodian Khmer Foods Cambodia Khmer music song

shows the Cambodia fashion scene. People in Cambodia wear various types and styles of clothing. Khmer and anyone can wear these clothing, known as the Cambodian Style.  There suits, dresses, shirts, and pants of various types.  The cambodian styles have a unique style in the city and in the countryside.  Khmer people and even non Khmer people dress the Cambodian style clothing.  The fashion style is very comfortable and can be worn in many occassions such as parities, gatherings, and showing clothing for fun. Sin Sisamouth is a famous Cambodian singer around the world.  Sin Sisamouth is well known throughout the Khmer culture, concerts, gatherings and music.  He became a protege of Queen Kossomak Nearyrath. He was selected into the Vong Phleng Preah Reach Troap (classical ensemble of the Royal Treasury) where together with Sos Matt, he performed at royal receptions and state functions.  In the mid-1950s a romantic ballad "Violon Sneha", composed by violinist Hass Salan, catapulted Sisamouth into stardom. shows a selection of Cambodia foods. There are many styles and varieties of foods.  The khmers like eating many varieties of foods that can include breakfast, lunch, dinner and various snacks.  There are fried fishes, and also stews, and soups of many types.  Cambodia has many restaurants that cook many types of foods.  The food can include fruits to vegetables to various ingredients and spices.  The khmers enujoy their food with Cambodian spices that have a unique aroma and flavor.  The food can be cooked well and also have a few fruits on the side.

Khmer Cambodia Star Karaoke Fashions Musical Songs News Video

Prum Manh

Khmer Food from ,the Cambodian Cuisine

shows the Cambodian Star and People Fashions.
Khmer Traditional and contemperary fashions. There are various dresses such as the blue sarong. There are fashions with Karaoke Stars and bands. The fashion shows Phnom Penh fashion and Khmer in the United States fashion. Many Cambodian people, khmers, and others that live in the various cities in Cambodia have their own style and fashion. The karaoke and movie stars show off fashion for other people to want to wear. The fashion can include pants, to shirts to dresses.
Prum Manh is a comedian in Cambodia. Prum Manh tells about many jokes and comedies in cambodia. Prum Manh is a famous comedian in Cambodia. His jokes and stories range from everyday life in Cambodia to different cultures and various regions of Cambodia styles. Now Prum Manh's fame has been spread into the United States. Prum Manh is now in Comedy shows and Music shows.  In Cambodia, Prum Manh also joins in concerts with famous Cambodian singers. There are prawns and shrimp from Cambodian foods. There is desserts with grapefuit, oranges, and tropat. There are sweet desserts with fish eggs in sweets. There are also coconut sweetenings because the country of Cambodia is surrounded with coconut trees. There are various noodles and fried vegetables and squids to give a flavoring aroma. The flavor and aroma is sweet and good. There are sweetened bananas, also called banana kateee with boiled sugar and coconut oil. There are spring roles of various kinds. Sweetened fish eggs. Rice coconut wraps. The dessert is also called nom agao

Funny Monkey holds a gun ( Cambodia Khmer News )

Chhoun Sreymao

She is a singer in Cambodia.

Khmer World News on World Heritage Cambodia (July 8, 2008)

http://www.cambodiatvnews.com presents a funny monkey. Here is a footage of soldiers playing with a monkey. One soldier decides to give an AK rifle to the monkey, and the monkey starts shooting everywhere with the rifle.  The group of people then disperses trying to escape the firing monkey.  The monkey then follows the soldiers actions as the monkey saw them holding the gun up over the head.

Read More

Chhoun Sreymao.  She is a Khmer singer in Cambodia.  She sings many songs and music about the Cambodian culture.  She can sing to crowds of people and everyone would be amazed.  Each sound from her mouth would awaken the people with pleasure and excitment.  She also makes karaoke songs for other people that would like to sing her songs.

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 The site is on the edge of a plateau that dominates the plain of Cambodia. These buildings make up the sanctuary that are dedicated to Shiva. The temple dates back to the first half of the 11th century AD. The site is exceptional for three reasons: its natural situation on a promontory, with sheer cliffs overlooking a vast plain and mountain range; the quality of its architecture adapted to the natural environment and religious function of the temple; and, the exceptional quality of the carved stone ornamentation of the temple.               Read More

Cambodia Military Testing

Alix Chantra and Teang mom theavyCambodia Khmer Singer and Karaoke

Cambodia History of War

Khmer-world News presents News from Cambodia .Khmer Videos and War weapons.  These shows gun firing and weapons testing in Cambodia.  Cambodia has a developing military that will have various weapons and guns.  There are various testing events that Cambodia will have in the military. Read More

These two singers, Alix Chantra, and Teang Mom Theavy are singers and are actors in Karaoke songs.  They are active in Karaoke and acting in Karaoke.  Cambodian people would always like to see these two actors.

Read More

khmer-world.com presents Cambodia's History, The Shape of A WAR Trailer; More to Come shaping of Cambodia know through the past, conflicts, people, countries, and more. Stay tuned, for the history of Cambodia unveiled. Hidden footage, lost videos and more. Cambodia.     Read More





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